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Dear LEGO fan!

I’m Jonas and first of all, I’d like to thank you for visiting my project! Let’s see what is it about.


There are many videos about the LEGO production process and many interviews about the LEGO design process, but have you ever wondered about a playable LEGO Factory, where you can play the whole process with your minifigures? You can drive the truck that transports the raw material for the little bricks, then you upload silos - in the meantime, the LEGO designers in the design studio make new models, that could be produced in the factory. Then there is the working moulding machine, “where the magic happens.” It would be so cool, wouldn’t it?


I’ve designed a LEGO set that looks like LEGO Headquarters (Billund, Denmark) - but of course not in minifigure scale… :-) - and the inside of the building is fully furnished! I've used images from the internet to build the HQ and the interior details.


So let’s see what is in my set:

  • The main building that looks like the LEGO HQ in Billund

  • A sign board with the LEGO logo and address

  • Bicycle stand - Don’t pollute the environment!

  • A Danish flag - because LEGO is from Denmark

  • Design Studio - of course with those drawers full of LEGO pieces!

  • Reception

  • Factory room - with a moulding machine (and it’s working! You can push and pull a little handle on the back of the machine, and the mold is moving inside.)

  • Silos

You can see all these little (but important) details on the pictures above.

Model built on Mecabricks - Beautiful renders are from Gabriele Zannotti aka Zanna

For bigger and better images visit this album.

Thank you again for visiting this project! If you like my it, please support this idea - we can reach together those 10.000 votes! ;-)