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145 Boulevard Station


1000 Super supporters

More than 1,000 followers have already passed through the station. Let's hope that many more wagons loaded with supporters pass by 145 Boulevard Station. Thank you very much everyone for your confidence in the project.



How it works in a random layout (concept)



Easy elevated system ;)


Version 2.0 (optional)

In this case i have changed the baseplate according with the new baseplates. I know the boulevard baseplate is old but i love it since the first time i see in the 6399 set.


Version 1.1 (rails and stairs support)

Hello! First of all thank you very much for the great support that the project is receiving, it is very nice to have the feeling of support and confidence.

In this update we find some changes:

-The stairs of the station are long and deserve more support that is why reinforcing pillars have been added.
-The arches on the front of the Boulevard are more solid thanks to the 2x10 (3832) plate that joins both ends.
-By the other hand, in the first version the 58827 support piece did not offer the same firmness as the 2x10 pieces, to keep the rail aesthetic I added the piece 30518 and at the same time it stops before the second level of 2x12 plates.

One of the particularities of this update is that you can move the tracks as you wish without depending on fixed tracks in the original model in this way we will help our model to be more flexible to the city model


You can also put the old monorail tracks if you want ;)

From here I throw a question.
In order to make more comfortable the access of the mini figures by the sidewalk and eliminate the number of pieces ... do you think we should remove the staircase from the station closest to the building?

(The piece count still the same  between  2965 and 3000)


Thank you very much ;)


Here comes the video ;)


More Pics ;)

On one of this images i added an oficial Lego wagon to the Station to see how it works. Hope you like it ;)