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Despicable Me Minion Workshop


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Welcome to the Despicable Me Minion Workshop! Please take the 10 seconds to support this project, every support will help this project get closer to becoming a real set! I estimate the price would be about  $24.99 USD, and affordable price that lets you buy more and build your own minion army! Together we can "Assemble" the minions!

Gru's minion workshop features a wacked-out monster buggy, a crane, a computer desk, a variety of weapons and tools, as well as four minions: Dave, Tim, Mark, and Phil!

The car has a rocket launcher on one side, and a jelly shooter on the other side in case you run into any evil minions. The cockpit can also be raised to easily place a minion inside. The crane can sit a minion and  has a hook for carrying the rocket. The rocket can be attached to the car and can seat a minion. The desk has a computer, banana, and a beaker full of anti-gravity serum. Next to the desk is a wall that holds a wrench, hammer, axe, and a chainsaw. It can also hold the included flick-fire gas gun. ;)

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