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2015 Corvette


200 Supporters!

I just want to give out a round of thanks for those users who have brought my 2015 Corvette past 200 supporters! Make sure to keep sharing and supporting this if you like it! Also, come check out my International Space Station; it's almost reached 1,000 supporters, the first big milestone!!!

Happy building everyone!


Forest Green Color Variant!!!

Due to the request of Masman8675, I have added a dark green color for the Corvette. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to support it!Happy building everyone!!!


New Colors!

Well, if anybody has been wanting to see my 2015 Corvette in some other colors, today's you're lucky day! I've included red, white and blue variants. (Coinciding with the upcoming 4th of July! I actually didn't do it on purpose. It just kinda happened liked that!) Here are the photos.I hope you enjoy this project and support it! Its got a long race to the finish line!

Happy building everybody!