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Polar Post Office


During the Christmas holidays, the polar post office is in full activity because of all the letters children send from all around the world to Santa Claus.

This office is composed of three different spaces:

-the waiting room,

-the storage room,

-Santa Claus' office.

You enter the comfortable waiting room through the porch. There are two big sofas and two chairs around a hearth where the fire is crackling. Two desks allow the brave mail carriers to rest from delivering the bags of letters on motorbikes during the cold winter where they often face stormy weather.

The storage room has a great cabinet with many drawers full of the letters that are waiting to be read by Santa Claus. A big arched door opens outside to allow the polar bear to bring in the sleigh. The frozen elf drives the sleigh that holds many bags of letters that postmen did not deliver themselves.

Santa Claus' office is on the second floor. He is sitting on a large chair and is replying to one of the thousands of letters. Many are piled on the floor. There is also a door that leads to a balcony. Outside, hanging from the wall, there is a sign saying "Polar Mail".

There are a total 1820 pieces and 7 minifigures: Santa Claus, 4 elves and 2 postmen.

Hope you like it:)

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