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4x Lego

After seeing the DH lego project I thought it would only be fitting to start up a 4x project, even if UCI aren't going to carry 4x into 2012! Anyway I really think lego 4x could become big, think of the scope for different tracks/teams, commentators/freecaster tent. In my quick model all I did was include a mechanics/team tent and spectators but you could have a World Champs set based on Champery. This has a great chance of becoming better and better with more realistic track designs based on tracks from Ft. Bill to Champery. Also with special lego pieces, berms could be made and the jumps would be more realistic and of course the track wouldn't be red!

So if you want lego 4x then give us support !


Ps comment if you want a dirt jump/freeride model! another of my ideas

at the time of writing this project hasn't gained any support, if you think I could improve this then please comment.

This image show spectators and maybe a blurred wheel of Jared Graves ?!

Two mechanics in the team tent with spare helmets.

start gate down, with two riders getting ready.

overall course hopefully soon it will have berms galore, and proper bikes to ride it.

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