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Braille Letters


Bricks or Plates

For something like a door sign plates are ideal, however, the lego brick separator tool is useful to remove the tiles from the backing plate. Building the letters onto 2x3 bricks allows them to be easily removed wihtout using the tool. If its for practice or educational use bricks may be the better option to build the braille patterns on.


Parts list


A 50 Letter Set

Using letter frequency data* the number of pieces needed for a 50 letter set is:


1x1 = 50; 1x2 = 30; 2x2(L) = 20; 2x3 = 50


1x1 = 50; 1x2 = 20; 2x2 (L) = 20

I used one of the reseller sites to see how much it would cost to get the pieces for 50 letters plus the two boards in the main picture. I was able to find all the pieces as shown (except I needed to pick black for the 2x2 (L) tile and Green for the two boards). With postage it came out to £23.65 (£18 for the pieces from 3 sellers which meant 3x P&P). I would hope Lego could produce for a similar price.

*Letter frequency doesn't really matter where you can build any pattern you want but useful to show that the set needed more 1x1 tiles than the other pieces.

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