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Braille Letters


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Braille letter made from just six different Lego pieces. 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 'L' tiles and plates are attached to individual 2x3 plates to make the Braille dot patterns for the individual letters. Designed to be used by people with a visual impairment the small number of pieces can be readily sorted by touch and each is a different colour which may help with sorting.

I have used uncontracted (Grade 1) braille in the main picture but it would also make up the contracted (Grade 2) braille. Shown using 16 wide backing plates which allow up to 8 letters in 2 or 4 rows. Longer plates would allow for longer words to be spelt out. On the smaller plate I have 'Steve's Room' and the large is 'Keep Out Ivan's Room'.

I think the best thing with this set is that it could be used without any assistance to create any message and can be easily extended by adding another set or individual parts. For a complete alphabet plus examples in the main picture requires 262 pieces, as these are mostly small pieces I would hope for a very low set cost.

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