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Old Brick Building with LEGO Store


Hello Lego fans.  Here is my Lego modular Moc of a Lego store that was built into the first floor of a restored old brick building.  I got the Idea for this from looking at an old brick building in my home town.  They restored the building and put a Pizza parlor in the first floor.  I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if they had put a Lego Store there instead?  So I thought, why not build my own?  This build has roughly 2400 pieces.  It has two floors of residential apartments fully furnished.  Access from a door on the outside.  I haven't quite completed the interior of the Lego store.  It needs more Lego sets.  You get the idea though.  Anyhow, I hope everyone likes my build and supports it.  I would love to see a set like this as an official Lego set.  Thanks for your time. 

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