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Disneyland Railroad (C.K. Holiday)


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All Aboard!

The train here is a model of the Disneyland Railroad attraction in California. I have portrayed this engine as accurately as possible. The engine even includes working piston rods, ingenious boiler design, and passenger cars that can fit minifigures. The front wheel truck of the locomotive is ingeniously designed to have less stud width and to slide under the pistons without trouble. Also if you notice the lack of small train wheels in the front, that is because I cannot put the small wheels on the Lego rod. However I will upload a picture of what the front truck would look like with the small wheels.


Locomotive 310

Tender 157

Coaches 296 ea.

Signal 15

Track 66

Total 1145 


My only hope, that goes out to all my creations, is that you out there support my project and help it to become a real Lego set. I also give thanks to all those who have supported, followed or both,on my projects. So I hope that you will continue to support my projects.


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