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Mariner's Lookout

This economical build features a castle lookout tower built into the natural bedrock which towers 14 Lego bricks high over the forest floor (16x16 stud lego baseplate). It includes a horse for quick messaging, a lookout minifigure, and a crevice in the rock which provides for great storage during long stays at the lookout. It also features tree roots climbing up the side of the lookout. The black bark roots and lush foliage complete the look. Here is a complete list of the features of this build:  
  • Castle Lookout Tower
  • Lookout Minifigure
  • Messenger Horse
  • Tree Roots Climbing the corners of the build
  • Crevice in the rock to provide great storage
Thanks for checking this out and be sure to tell your friends to check it out and support too!

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