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Max Fig


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MAX FIG- just like a Mini Fig only MAXIMUM! I've added a regular size mini figure to this build so you can get a full sense of the size comparison. I decided to go with the traditional lego colours. Now some people might be wondering where his eyes are, but honestly, I think he looks better without them. It subtracted from his overall clean shape when you attempted to mess around with adding eyes and personally I like that he's a blank slate- a MAX FIG you can customise, whether it's with a beard, a hat or a wicked pair of shades. His legs and arms are all moveable just like a regular mini figure and he supports the weight extremely well! Try him in different positions! I was inspired by the giant wooden mini figure that was released. It was such a unique figure and I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could have one out of bricks!  I hope you all enjoy him! Have fun! 

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