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Paradise Island


Tired and stressed from your day to day work or study?
why not indulge in 5 mins of day dreaming? and what better way to visualize it with
your very own desk toy that shows a tiny island paradise. 

the microscale build is a complete micro island, complete with a tropical island surrounded by water, palm tree, greenery and a small cottage. and for effect (so that you can feel the breeze, there is also a tiny cloud calmly floating in the back ground.

Set Includes:

  • 1  Paradise Island

Set Uses:

  • paperweight
  • relaxation visualization
  • a "gift" to your significant other when you give them 10 sets of these and want to subtly tell them you want a badly needed vacation.

I imagine this to be a nice poly-bag Lego idea set (because all the Lego ideas sets these days are big boxes) and are more expensive, so why not create a small and great build for everyone!


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