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The Dark knight Rises - The Bat

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My son and I are huge fans of the Dark Knight trilogy. We've already attempted to build a tumbler, so for our next project, we thought we should have a go at building "The Bat" from the Dark Knight Rises.

I have to say it was a very challenging and at times frustrating build, as there are many different angles involved that are't traditionally suited to Lego, however some of the new ball and socket pieces really helped us achieve some angles and positions that were probably previously impossible. 

The under carriage or "rib cage" was by far the most challenging section of the model, but we were able to fit in fully functioning twin rotors that are activated by turning a piston at the rear of the model. The rotors are also able to spin simultaneously without getting in the way of each other.

I believe this model is suited to be a UCS style set and offers a real sense of scale as the model is approximately 50 cm long.

Some of the models other features include:

Display Stand

Cockpit for 2 mini-figures

Twin functioning rotors

Multiple movable/adjustable flaps

Retractable landing gear

The model is also quite robust,despite all the angles and is most certainly able to be played with by kids and adults alike.

We have really tried to stay true to the on screen version version of the vehicle and I hope everyone will be able to see the time and effort the we put in to the model.

I'm sure there are tons of fans of Batman fans out the who would really enjoy having this model be a part of their collection and it would also be a fitting counterpart to the recently announced Lego tumbler.

We've also included some pictures of our tumbler that we've made for a size comparison.

We would love to see this project on the shelves and thank you all for your support!!

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