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Stop-Motion Animation Armature Kit

Are you interested in making your own stop-motion animations, but don't really know where to start?

Are you someone who is already familiar with stop-motion animation and would like to try your hand at rigging a clay model, or you just want something to practice with?

Or are you just someone who really likes the idea of an inexpensive, simple, highly-poseable and entirely customizable Lego set of a neat, little, robot-like figure?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, than this set is just the thing for you!

The Puppet

  • 21 points of articulation
  • Interchangeable "hands" and other accessories (see pictures 3 & 4)
  • Can be attached to the display stand in several places
  • Approximately 3 inches tall
  • Roughly human proportioned

The Stand

  • 5 points of articulation
  • Fully adjustable and extendable
  • Double ratchet joints for rigidity
  • Wide base for extra stability
  • Matt white to make keying/cutting out easier

Having made a number of short stop-motion animations on my YouTube, it dawned on me recently that if you wanted to actually get started in this field, your options were somewhat limited if you wanted to do something more technical, particularly involving plasticine.

While watching documentaries about the creation of claymation films, like "Wallace & Gromit" by Aardman Animations, I noticed that all of their clay models used the same sort of "skeleton", also known as an "armature". Essentially, it is a series of threaded rods, ball-bearings with holes drilled in them for the joints, and bolt-fastened locking plates holding them all together. While this is a durable, adjustable and time-proven method of making a sturdy animation puppet, the cost of building just one of them, is quite substantial. And for a beginner, that's not always an option.

That's where this kit comes in, while it's not as adjustable (at least not in the same way), it has a parts count of just over 100 pieces, rendering it far less expensive . Also, because it is made of Lego, it is just as versatile, if not more so. On top of that, in recent years it has become clear that certain areas of the Lego fandom have been begging for some sort of "blank slate" to design their own Lego robots/mechs, while that's not the intended purpose of this set, I'm sure those fans would appreciate it all the same.

In the possible event this Lego Idea becomes successful, please consider my previous submission on this website (, I made it for my Dad. This one's for Mum.

Thank you for your consideration!

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