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Classic Steam Mixed Traffic Set


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Here I present to you (once more), 2 titanic entities in the world of toys coming together: LEGO and the Classic British Train Set! More specifically in this case, also combining my 2 previous entries of Freight and Passenger Steam Train sets into one deluxe package!

Now I know what you're thinking, "LEGO has made a number of train sets in the past, what makes this one so special?" Well the answer should be apparent from the title, it's a Steam Train Set! But more importantly, this one not only takes design elements, but also mechanical elements from the types of train sets the likes of Hornby and Bachmann have produced.

As you may have noticed, the engine of this set is an 0-6-0 tank locomotive. Under normal circumstances, the driving wheels would collect power and transfer it to the motor to drive the train, unfortunately with LEGO that is not currently possible, so I had to improvise. I decided to take the whole "Loco Drive" concept in a different direction. Rather than use a powered box on wheels disguised as a wagon or engineering a proper gear linkage within the body of the engine (for the record, I tried), I instead built everything 'around' a standard 4-wheel powered bogey. This does mean the central driving wheel is effectively floating without an axle, but with careful arrangement of the body work and the brake linkage, I was able to hold it in place on the outside of the wheel instead. This could also be modified in-hand to prevent that from being necessary.

Despite the crude method of moving the engine, each model's design is taken from real-world rolling stock found on British Railways circa 1920 onwards. While not 100% accurate, they all possess features that encourage both the LEGO play pattern with it's modularity and features one might expect from your typical train set. Including a full oval circuit of track to run on (10 straight pieces, 16 curve pieces), a country station (with disabled access!) and an additional road-vehicle for scale and inter-play purposes.

The Locomotive (GWR Pannier Tank, non-specific model)

  • Loco drive
  • Capable of running on LEGO's standard curve gradient
  • Cab detail and opening Firebox
  • 2 dedicated spots for Driver and Stoker Mini-Figures
  • Hollow Tank (for adding weight if needed)
  • High level of external detail

The Coach (GWR MK1 Second Class Brake)
  • Highly detailed interior
  • Capable of running on LEGO's standard curve gradient
  • Seating capacity for up to 7 Mini-Figures (including the Guard)
  • Highly detailed undercarriage
  • Detailed luggage compartment

  • Brake assembly detail
  • Opening doors for tip unloading
  • 12X8 stud bed size

(Basis and Suggested Livery: )

The Low Flatbed (BR "Lowmac")
  • Underside clear of fowling on rails
  • Additional brake detail
  • Includes shipping container and chains to secure it
  • Also designed to carry the included automobile

(Basis and Suggested Livery: )

The Milk Tanker (BR Six-Wheeled Tanker)
  • Modified Coal Truck chassis to maintain relative scale
  • Additional detailing along outside of wheelbase
  • Functional stabilising details

(Basis and Suggested Livery: )

The Brake Van (GWR Brake Van)
  • Footplate/brake detailing within width of rails
  • Functioning interior door
  • Includes "Guard" Mini-Figure

The Automobile (Willys Jeep vaguely?)

  • Engine detail
  • Can seat 2 Mini-Figures
  • Roughly in scale with engine and rolling stock
  • Compatible with Lowmac wagon
  • Intentionally garish colour scheme (along with driver)

The Station (Not based on any specific design, just a rural station in the country somewhere)

  • Level with all rolling stock
  • Easily attaches to the side of a straight piece of track
  • Customisable name-plates for station
  • Suitable length for the included passenger carriage
  • Steps and disabled ramp
  • Opening doors, windows and shutter
  • Lightly decorated waiting room

Unfortunately I am only able to post so many images, so if you want to view any of my previously submitted rolling stock items in this project, they can be found:

Here for the coach -

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