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Suitcase Express!


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All aboard! Don't forget your luggage! At first glance, this suitcase is the most ordinary thing, but if you open it, the real magic will begin!

Welcome to Suitcase <SE> Express!
Inside the suitcase, an amazing inner world awaits you with a train that rushes along the rails in a magical world and is never late!

You heard right! This magical train rides on rails in a small world inside a suitcase!

Turn the handle on the lock to scroll the road, then you will get a moving train inside the suitcase!
Whenever it comes to luggage, size matters!
This "Suitcase <SE> Express" set has the following dimensions:
  • 43.0 x 33.9 x 20.4 in studs or
  • 33.4 x 27.1 x 16.3 in centimeters.

Also important is the fact of the number of details of this idea!
The whole set has a total of 2988 parts, namely:
  • The suitcase itself consists of 1003 parts, namely: base, lid, handle, locks.
  • The rest of the details, namely 1985 pieces, fall on the road, gears, landscape, buildings, as well as the Express itself!

Lovers of decorative objects, vintage items, fans of mechanical sets and collectors of unusual items will love this project!

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