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Power Tool


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This is the life-sized model of a power tool with technical features. It merges technic and ergonomic design. Also it is robust enough to be a playable toy.

Description of the features
The tool itself sits well in the hand. The rotor and button are technically relevant moving parts. The rotation of the rotor is transmitted from the battery pack via the crank handle. The rotation only works when the button is pushed.

So if you want to see it in action:
  1. Assemble the battery pack
  2. Push the button
  3. Rotate the crank handle.

Also I added screws that can be screwed into a block part, so the power tool doesn't look lost.

Is this just for adults?
I think, kids from about 12 years will have fun with the power tool. The handle's size is between a childs and grown-up hand, I think this is a good solution. The older will be interested to have this at home, too.

Design process
I started designing in September 2022, using for the main design process. Later, I built a real model which was a good reference to finalize my decisions.
For the publication, I used the renderer. An advice for everyone who uses this renderer: Set the background as transparent. This way you will find three more light sources which are a nice plus for your rendering.

Technical data
The power tool including battery pack consists of 921 total parts.
It measures 21 x 21 x 7cm (8.26 x 8.26 x 2.75'')

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