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A Christmas Story House

Enjoy the iconic house from A Christmas story. Each floor separates to allow you to enjoy the interior. The exterior was designed to match the actual house in Cleveland, but the interior was solely based off the movie to make it as accurate to the movie as possible. The kitchen is set up with the old style fridge, sink, stove, washing machine, and the door down to the furnace. The first floor also includes the dining room from the movie, the 2 couches, fire place, radio, desk, Christmas tree and the wrapped red ryder 200 shot air rifle. Working on the minifigs, will include at least Ralphie in bunny suit, mom, the old man, and Randy in his school attire looking like a tick about to pop, plus some Bumpus hounds. The Oldsmobile with the tree on top that's removable, the front bush line with mailbox, the phone at the top of the stairs, the old style toilet. I tried to add in a lot of details and will continue to update the model as it goes on.

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