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Minimoog Synthesizers


On display at Brickfair, Oct 27-30!

The "Minimoog Synthesizers project", as well as all the other synths from the related project "Iconic Keyboards and Synths" will be on display at Brickfair in Somerset, NJ, Oct 27-30!

Come say hello and see all the synths up close!


On display at Brickfest Live, Oct 8-9!

Pleased to announce that all the LEGO Synthesizers will be on display at Brickfest Live @ the Meadowlands, NJ on Oct 8-9 as part of the NYCLUG table!

Please come by the table to have a close look at the Minimoog, as well as the other synths from the project "Iconic Keyboards & Synths"  Other projects from grobiebrix will also be on display, such as "Prism & Spectrum".

Here's a link to the Brickfest Live website with more specific details on the event:


The Minimoog Model D is getting a re-issue!

Retro synth fans are geeking out over the news that Moog Music Inc has announced a limited re-issue of the classic Model D!  Here's an article from Engadget on the topic:

Time to save the pennies up and buy the real deal.  In the meantime, let's upvote the MINIMOOG SYNTHESIZERS project to celebrate!


In memoriam: Keith Emerson (1944-2016)

Last week, the world lost one of its most legendary keyboard musicians in Keith Emerson.  He revolutionized the use of synthesizers in rock music and influenced multiple generations of keyboardists.  Rest in peace, Keith.


New companion project: Iconic Keys & Synths

Hello friends and supporters!  I'm pleased to announce a companion project to this one, "Iconic Keyboards & Synths", which showcases miniature brick-built versions of the Roland Jupiter-8, Korg MS-20, Nord Stage, and Yamaha DX7. 

Project link:



1,000 to start the New Year

Happy New Year!  


900, the LEGO Synthesizers Project on Facebook, and more synths coming!


We've just hit 900, and 1000 is in our sights in the next few weeks!

I'm prototyping four, possibly five new synthesizers along the same lines as the Minimoogs. I've attached a pic (below) of Korg MS-20, Nord Stage, Yamaha DX7 and Roland Jupiter-8 in various stages of development.

These will probably be spun off into a separate Ideas project.  Between the Minimoogs, these new models and my Moog Modular (, I've decided to create a Facebook page simply called "The LEGO Synthesizers Project", where updates to all of the synth projects will be collected, as well as other links of interest.  The page already has several hundred followers, so please come join the growing community of LEGO synth lovers!  

Join up here: