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Exhibition Bricks


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LEGO is a toy, no doubt. LEGO can be displayed, also no doubt. But, what if we combine these two possibilities seemingly mutually exclusive? Let me introduce the solution: the stackable exhibition bricks! Huge bricks allow you to construct whatever you want, and inside, there’s what is to be displayed.
I’ve designed five sceneries for this purpose, all of them dealing with the human history. So there’s even a third advantage of the exhibition bricks: education! And, be honest – who doesn’t want to learn if he can do it using bricks? Therefore, I conceived micro sceneries of the five most important ages in the human history:
  • Ice Age: partially melted snow, a crystalline pond, a bit of rocks and snowy trees – no doubt, we’re in an ice age!
  • Ancient Egypt: two pyramids, one of them just being constructed, some palms and a mysterious sphinx – which era could it be if not the ancient Egypt?
  • Classical Antiquity: a temple, a stadium and some olive trees next to the sea – off to new horizons! Gone one step further in time, we meet some ancient high cultures, the Greeks, the Romans – it’s up to you to decide!
  • Middle Age: a castle with its towers, stables and walls, surrounded by a small river – you already guessed where (or rather: when) we are – in middle age!
  • Modernity: gigantic cities with their skyscrapers of strange shapes, their glass and concrete, their streets and bridges, but in between, nonetheless some parks – we reached our century of modernity!
It was important for me to include both water and trees in all sceneries to show that in each era, the humans would have not been able to survive without their close proximity to the beautiful nature surrounding us.
Just as real bricks, these exhibition bricks can be stacked as desired on top of each other – the inverse studs on the bottom fit perfectly onto the real studs on the top of each brick.
I’ve built the model with 2059 parts. Nearly all of them are existing in the used colours (except of part 15208, 67810 and 85975). Each small brick measures 16 x 16 x 11 studs and weighs about 400-450 g, each large brick measures 16 x 32 x 11 studs and weighs about 750-800 g.

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