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Townhouse Modular

Hi everyone! This is my newest project and as usual, it is based on the modular buildings. The pet shop set has a townhouse but there needs to be more houses since every town has a lot more houses than 1. So, I made one for my town using Lego Digital Designer. This modular is fancier than the others. It has two flower gardens in front and some windows have lattices. The roof also has light pink transparent diamonds.

This is the first floor of my creation! There is a sofa, a rug and two vases with red and pink flowers since the colour scheme in the building is red. There is also a treasure map painting on the wall on top of the sofa.

This is my second floor. If you look at some of my other photos, the garden is in the front. This is because after a while of thinking, I moved it to the back. The only thing on this floor besides a staircase is the garden.

This is the third floor of my creation! There is a rainbow rug and a red bed for the owner of this house to sleep in. There is a night stand with a telephone and a floor lamp. There is a flower vase in the corner as well. On the wall there is a painting. It would not look like that in real life but I could not find any other 2x2 square that looks like a painting on LDD.

And finally, this is the back of my creation. There is a chair and a trash can in the yard. In this picture the garden is in the back. I tiled the roof on this building.

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