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M&M's Chocolate Candy Dispenser


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Do you love LEGO, M&M's and can't control your cravings? Then the M&M's Candy Dispenser is the perfect addition to your workspace. Based on M&M's World's Color Wall, every tube dispenses several candies at a time with the push of a bar. Each tower holds tens of M&M's in four different colors which can be chosen based on mood.


Feeling blue? Have blue M&M's.

Feeling romantic? Ms. Green is your type!

Feeling left out? Have orange, because he's the M&M everyone forgets about.


Designed by two seventeen-year-old foodies, the project celebrates the 75th anniversary of the M&M's brand. Click "Support" to bring this project closer to the supporter threshold.


NOTICE: Parental consent is granted in case the creation enters production. Designed by ElectryDragonite & AstonishingStudios. The only logos in the photo, ElectryDragonite and AstonishingStudios profile pictures, are made by us, and we own all intellectual property to these images.

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