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Living on the Edge

This is a house that sits on the edge of a table and makes use of the edge. I have shown a left and a right version, so that you could use either the left or right side of a table. It would be possible to do a middle version, too, or just leave out the ground at all.

The pictures show a real build model.

I have included some of my common techniques:
The base is made out of ordinary black bricks. No tricks or processing here to cause the reflections.
The roof is made out of the beautiful olive plant parts that look really organic in combination with leaf parts.
The roof and wall feature my known textures. Note that some walls are 2 studs in width. This allows some tricky are really good-looking textures.

The floors can be taken out. I didn't close the backside. Usually models are really boring in the back and most people display the models on shelves. So the open back allows additional playability.

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