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Modular Central Park


Welcome to the grand opening of Central Park! After the Mayor cuts the ribbon, stroll through the decorative gates into the latest addition to your modular city! Marvel at the statue of the town founder, throw some coins into the decorative fountain, or have a picnic lunch under the spreading leaves of the old oak tree. Watch out for the park bench, though: the Painter isn't quite done with it yet! In celebration of this wonderful day, the city has even hired a Musician to play in the gazebo!  There is still work to be done, as evidenced by the Gardener, but that doesn't bother the visitors. If you look closely, you can find golden plaques honoring those who contributed to the building of the park. Enjoy your visit!

This set is fully compatible with the other buildings in the Modular Buildings series. The lamp isn't standard, but I personally think that it looks way better. I am guessing that this set contains somwhere between 700-900 parts, but I am not positive. The park includes 7 minifigures: Musician, Painter, Mayor, Mom, Baby, Gardener, Grandpa, and Statue, plus a baby figure! The set features a wall and gate, a large tree with a picnic blanket underneath, a gazebo/stage, a modern-style fountain, a statue, a bus stop, a park bench, and lots of plants and flowers!

I think that this would make a great set for several reasons. First and foremost, Lego needs a modular park. It would provide a good contrast to the other buildings and make them seem less like a "concrete jungle". Second, This could be a great set for fans of Modular Buildings who aren't willing to spend the $170 to actually buy one. It could also serve to get kids interested in a line of sets that is generally marketed more to adults. The build really isn't all that complex, and I am sure a 12-year-old could manage it without much difficulty. It does feature some basic SNOT techniques, so it could be a bit of a learning experience as well.

The box in the backround of the photos is called a light box, a very useful tool for photography. You can find a tutorial for how to make one here.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Please leave a comment, and then please check out my fully functional Micro Carousel.  If you see some way to make this better, please tell me! I am open to suggestions! Thank you for your support!

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