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Rotaion Singleplayer game

Rotation is a singleplayer puzzle game. You are the blue microfig and you must get all the gems and get to the finish. You start on the yellow base and you have to get to the black base. You have to first collect all 4 gems to enable access to the black base. There is lots of power ups, and obstacles such as walls and lava, which you can not cross. The world is made out of 4 quarters which are not linked together. You can move you microfig as much as you want, and you may rotate any quarter of the world, thus the name. There should be a handbook with all the instructions on how to make the different levels.

Above is a tricky rated level. There is 4 types of levels, easy, medium, tricky and master. This level needs more thinking than the last level. It includes lava, portals and jetpacks.

Here is an exploded view of the last level so you can see the quarters a bit more clearly.

Above are the are all the objects you will find in the Rotation board game. They are ( from left to right):

The microfig player, the gem, the jetpack, the magic potion, the coil of rope, a portal, some lava, a wall, the begining base and the end base.

The jetpack is one of the power ups. The jetpack allows you to fly over a wall or lava. You can only use the jetpack twice.

The portal allows you to teleport from two different places. Portals always come in pairs.

The magic potion is a power up. It allows you to lift up anything, is it a wall, or a gem, to another place. you may not lift bases.

The coil of rope is another power up. It allows you to 'lasso' any object anywhere on the screen to you. You may not use the coil of rope if there is a wall in the way.

Thats all of the rules. Hope you enjoy my project!

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