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Hulk's Gamma Suit


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Developed jointly by Tony Stark and Dr Bruce Banner , the Gamma suit was designed with the intention of harnessing the limitless power of the Hulk. Instead of the Arc Reactor commonly found on the suits developed by Tony Stark , the Gamma suit is fitted with a sophisticated device which is able absorb the gamma energy radiated by the Hulk , meaning the angrier Hulk gets , the suit's power will also increase.

To withstand the raw brute force of the Hulk , the suit is crafted mostly out of Adamantium , with Adamantium reinforced servos and actuators. 

Despite all the immeasurable effort and technological brilliance invested into this suit , Tony and Dr Banner failed to foresee a very essential aspect into making this suit work , that is how to get Hulk into the suit in the first place. 

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