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Space Shuttle Orbiter with Hubble Space Telescope


Thanks for your support!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your comments and support.  

The project did not reach the first milestone; but we did get 84 supporters : )

If anyone wants the parts list, it is attached in Update #2.

I don't mind sharing instructions or models; just let me know.

thanks again,  Ogisama


How do you upload building instructions or share info?

Supporters have been asking for a parts list or instructions.

The "Building Instructions" tab on the project page is "grey'ed out".

Does anyone know how to upload to that tab?

Don't mind sharing model files or paper instructions.

I've uploaded some images for your reference.


parts list & instructions

Doesn't look like this project will get to the magic 10,000 number (not even 100, for that matter).  If anyone is interested in a parts list or instructions, more than happy to share.

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