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Space Shuttle Orbiter with Hubble Space Telescope

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Desk-Top Size Space Shuttle Orbiter Model

There are several large models of the Space Shuttle Orbiter, all having exquisite detail.  However, they really are too big for desk-top display.  

This set is only 128 bricks small (Orbiter + Hubble Space Telescope).  Pretty good detail for it's size; L19/W12/H08 studs (L15.2/W9.6/H6.4 cm).  Maneuvering thruster details are on the Forward RCS and Aft OMS Pods.  Cargo Bay Doors open and close.  The cargo bay has an articulating remote manipular arm.

Markings/pieces on the model can be arranged to match Enterprise/OV-101, Columbia/OV-102, Challenger/OV-99, Discovery/OV-103, Atlantis/OV-104, or Endeavor/OV-105 Orbiter markings.  The attached photos show markings for Columbia and Discovery.  (grant it, the piece changes are minor, but still  cool for the real shuttle geek)

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Click this link to access NASA's Space Shuttle home page.


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