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LEGO Fruits & Vegetables


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Have you ever wanted to grow your own Fruits & Vegetables Garden out of Bricks? You can when this Idea set has been approved. We can build our own healthy style garden with this Idea set being approved.

I included these in the Set:

  • Apples (Red & Green/Both 109 Pieces)
  • Orange (139 Pieces)
  • Banana (35 Pieces)
  • Grapes (Green & Purple/Both 50 Pieces)
  • Tomato (Thought to be a Vegetable/127 Pieces))
  • Carrot (33 Pieces)
  • Cucumber (If you count it as a Fruit/44 Pieces)
  • Corn (35 Pieces)
  • Radish (29 Pieces)
  • Broccoli (14 Pieces)

This set contains 775 Pieces.

If we get to 10,000 Supporters, you'll get your own mini-Garden filled with brick-built Fruits & Vegetables.

I made this in LDD, but I transferred to Brick Link to render the images.

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