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Modular Gamestop


Note: If this work, or any other works completed via this profile are reviewed by LEGO, my parent(s) will handle the financial contracts while I manage this project on LEGO Cuusoo.

This building was constructed in the modular Town style (akin to the Cafe-Corner sets). The main goal was to construct a building in the series that wouldn't be so costly. Obviously, the theme hasn't seen a video game store before, so this is a refreshing change of pace.

If the model were considered by LEGO, the games and name of the store might need to be changed.


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A frontal view of the store. There is a sidewalk with sewer grates.

TV with live video game footage.

An overview of the interior, featuring a games shelf, discount games bin, cash register and counter, and a display model for the latest Call of Duty game.

The display model.

Minifigs would include the display character, one salesman/woman, and one customer.

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