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Magic Bookends

Who lives in the books? How are all those stories created?

Imagine for a moment that elves not only make toys for Christmas ... but that they participate in everything we see thanks to their magic. In fact, the elves in the books are the creators of all the stories that we have been told since we were little.

Some elves are so fond of books that they have turned them into houses. With their small size they can live inside!

But the magic of this design, apart from being a tribute to books, is that it is also a bookends.

With this set you can create some original houses and place them on a shelf as a display, or also use their double utility as bookends and make them hold your favorite books in the most decorative way possible, with LEGO!

The set has 1496 pieces, I hope you like it both together and in its role as bookends.

I hope your support, greetings to all and keep building!

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