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Jungle Cruise - The Movie


Hallochen ...

Project Jungle Cruise has unfortunately lost a bit of momentum and will probably not reach the next milestone.
But that's not so sad since it was only my first Ideas submission and there will definitely be more to come.
Still I would like to thank all the supporters so far: 
You are awesome! Thank you for 1500 supports! 
This means a lot to me and motivates me to come up with new projects here.
I want please you soon with a new creation and until then have a great time!


Frank is not dead!

Hello Adventurers, 
Frank is not dead! Guess it's time for a little update...
I rendered a 360 degree view and added it to the project description some time ago.
However, I don't think you noticed it because videos can only be inserted at the end of the description (unless it's an external Youtube link).
But because I like it so much, I'll show it to you again here. 
Hope you enjoy!


Fresh Frank

Hey you lovely people,

I'm still busy with the digitalization of the project, but I'm making progress. 
I am very confident I will be able to present this version to you in the next few days.

As a small appetizer, here is an edited photo.
Attentive observers may have noticed it already in the last Update. 
There will be a new designed Frank. 
I already had the torso printed and took this picture.
Isn't he cool?


Visiting old friends

Hey Folks,
it's your skipper. 👋🤠

I'm back from vacation now. 😎🏖️ Here is a small update:

I have set up a few social media channels the last days to increase the project visibility.
Now I will focus working on the digital version again. 🖥️

As I mentioned before, I put a lot of attention to detail, playability and that you can combine my boat with other models. 🚢🏚️

To give you an impression of this, here is a picture of it together with the old fishing store. 📸
An excellent combination in my opinion.

What do you think about it?
Do you have an idea for a good combination? 👂


Many thanks! We have reached 500 passengers...

Hello you lovely people,
Skippy here.👋🤠
First I want to thank all my supporters:
You are the best!
I am very happy about you 500 supporters, but of course this is only the beginning. 😎
I have a couple of great ideas for this project and also already some stuff in the pipeline.
The last few weeks I was very busy with some family stuff and the next 14 days we will enjoy our long-awaited vacation.🏖️
But after that, this cruise will really pick up speed here. Promise!🚤
Until then, you can continue to help by sharing, commenting and handing out flyers around the schoolyard.😜😘

We will rock this boat! 💪


Thanks you for your support, comments and shares!

First of all let me congratulate you on your excellent choice of ride.
I'll be your skipper, guide, social director and dance instructor until we reach our goal: 
10k Supporters and the review of the Lego officials.
In the next weeks and months you can look forward to more information and updates about this project. 
There will be some improvements for sure and most likely I will make a digital version.
Thereby I will be able to work on the minifigures as well.
But for now, turn around and wave good-bye to the folks back on the dock...
They may never see you again.

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