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Modular Staircase Apartment


When you line up a set of modular building against a road, when you make a turn it might have a gap. It that gap is at least eight studs wide this is the house needed to fill it in. This building is designed to be placed between two modular buildings. The first floor has a kitchen and a desk or table for eating. The second floor is the living room with a television, random side table, and a chair. The third floor is the bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is walled off with a door and has a modern sink and a toiled. The stairs simulate climbing a rather steep mountain. There is no window in the second floor front, because there are stairs there. The roof of this building has a skylight to let more light into the areas below. The man who lives here looks to be a little older. He original transformed a small old wheat mill into this very apartment.

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