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TALYLLYN RAILWAY : Talyllyn and Tywyn Wharf Station


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TALYLLYN RAILWAY : Talyllyn and Tywyn Wharf Station
Celebrated 150th birthday, introducing Talyllyn and Tywyn Wharf Station, the first train set built of Lego, it was the world's first passenger-carrying narrow gauge railway, provided the inspiration for Thomas the Tank Engine. This Train set is made from Lego Studio Software.
  • Tywyn Wharf Station, the first station of Talyllyn Railway, has booking office, gift shop, King’s Café, Museum with 2 floors and Rev. Awdry’s Study Room (On the 2nd Floor). The Station and Roofs are removable and can separate Modular Rooms to let you put any minifigures and can play like dollhouse.
  • Talyllyn (Locomotive), the passenger coach, and the brake van are the 5 studs width that shows the narrow gauge sizes, they have removable roofs and openable doors to let you put any minifigures aboard. They also have magnetics that can attach the train (Ex. Emerald Night (10194)).
  • There are 6 minifigures: Station Master, Station Staff, Guard, an Engine Driver, Britt Allcroft and Rev. W. Awdry (Wilbert Awdry).
  • The narrow gauge tracks are 6x16 for straight tracks and curve tracks (85976).
Tywyn Wharf Station:
  1. Gift Shop have Books and Train Models.
  2. King's Café have Food and Drinks. (The Lego Food Pieces (Cupcakes and pies) shows just for references)
  3. Museum, Ground Floor (Entrance), has a Locomotive (Fletcher Jennings 0-4-0T William Finlay) show as a display.
  4. Museum, 2nd Floor, has a Locomotive (‘Dot’ Beyer Peacock 0-4-0ST Works Shunter) show as a display, Giesel Ejectora called a special funnel fit to Edward Thomas (Locomotive) shows as an exhibition and at the door, there is a balcony where minifigures can see and take pictues outside.
  5. Rev. Awdry’s Study Room has his desk, chair, book shelves, typewriter, papers for writing, a clock, 6 Train Models, 2 rolling stocks Models and Ffarquhar Model Layout.
  6. Rev. Awdry’s Train Models: 4-4-0 Blue Tender Engine, 2-6-0 Red Tender Engine, 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Engine, 0-4-0 No. 6, 0-4-2 (Talyllyn), two branch line coaches and No. 1 tank engine toy.
Talyllyn :
Talyllyn (Locomotive) has 4 different colors, chose the dark red color for final design, added details inside the cab and added nameplates and numbers made a decals as a stickers (Made from Photoshop).
Brake Van :
Brake Van has red and green flags, emergency brake lever and tail lamps (Red and Transparent White).
Minifigures :
  1. Station Master
  2. Station Staff
  3. Guard
  4. An Engine Driver
  5. Britt Allcroft : The creator of the children's television series (Television Series of Railway Series).
  6. Rev. W. Awdry (Wilbert Awdry) : The creator of Thomas the Tank Engine, the central figure in his Railway Series. An English Anglican cleric, railway enthusiast, and children's author.
Items :
  1. 2 Cameras: Taking Pictures and filming scene.
  2. Book Writing
  3. Books (Can use as tiles) (1x2, 2x2 and 2x3)
  4. One Book has a cover shows The first book (The Three Railway Engines) Published in 1945 (Made from Photoshop).
Parts Count :
Tywyn Wharf Station: 2368 parts
  1. Booking Offices: 217 parts
  2. Booking Offices Roof: 47 parts
  3. Gift Shop: 274 parts
  4. Gift Shop Roof: 57 parts
  5. Glass Roof: 184 parts
  6. King’s Café: 292 parts
  7. Museum, Ground Floor (Entrance): 207 parts
  8. Fletcher Jennings 0-4-0T William Finlay: 187 parts
  9. Museum, 2nd Floor: 269 parts
  10. ‘Dot’ Beyer Peacock 0-4-0ST Works Shunter: 61 parts
  11. Rev. Awdry’s Study Room: 459 parts
  12. Museum, 2nd Floor Roof: 57 parts
  13. Rev. Awdry’s Study Room Roof: 57 parts
Talyllyn (Locomotive): 221 parts
Narrow Gauge Passenger Coach: 148 parts
Narrow Gauge Brake Van: 150 parts
Red Flag: 2 parts
Green Flag: 2 parts
Movie Camera (30148) and round plate 1x1 (4073): 2 parts
Camera (30089b) and round tile 1x1 (98138): 2 parts
Book Writing: book Cover (24093), book Binding (24324) and 1 tile 1x2 = 3 parts
Books (Can use as tiles): 3 parts
6 Minifigures: 4 parts (Hair/Hat, Head, body and legs) x 6 = 24 parts
Narrow Gauge Straight Tracks: 8 parts
Narrow Gauge Curve Tracks (85976): 8 parts
Complete Total: 2941 Parts
Why did I build this:
Inspired by LEGO City 4204 The Mine, Emerald Night (10194), Disney Train (71044) and Lego Fans (Concore, Josephine N., Brad Deamon and CoyoteMedia), I want to design narrow gauge railway that can play smaller trains and fit with minifigures. So Lego fans, including Children can enjoy more fun and support steam trains, also they can learn history of real railway and learn more about Rev. W. Awdry, as a legacy, who wrote many railway stories and Britt Allcroft who made television of railway series.
If you think Talyllyn Railway can make a great LEGO Train Set, please let me know your comments and support.
Thank you very much.

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