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Imperial Fortress


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What is it?

This is the largest fortress of the Imperial Soldiers from 'LEGO Pirates' Series. It consists of mainly three watchtowers. Each watchtower is connected with hallways over the wall. And it is located at a harbor, which is important to trade treasures and defend the invasion of pirates.

Why did you build it?

From the 1st generation of LEGO Pirates Series from 1989, the ship or fortress of the Imperial Soldiers (ex : 6274) was mostly smaller than those (ex : 6285, 6286) of the pirates. After long waiting, finally the Imperial Flagship (10210) which is much greater than any ships of pirates was release in 2010. But the fortress of Imperial Soldiers even went smaller than that of former version. (ex : 6242, 70412). This is why I planned to build this Imperial Fortress.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?

This set consists of approximately 1,500 pieces and includes 16 minifigures. Through the building process, we can achieve both a fortress and a harbor. And the spire and watchtower of gothic style is very magnificent. Even more, an Imperial Sailing ship (made from two boats) is included to complete the feeling of harbor.

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