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TX-35 Falcon and Hanger


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Introducing the TX-35 Falcon Starfighter and Hanger Bay!

The TX-35 is a highly manoeuverable and heavily armed starfighter perfect for escort and planetary defence duties. It is equipped with six laser cannons, two torpedo launchers, two spring-loaded shooters, one large thruster with two manoeuvering jets and a one-man cockpit.

The hanger bay has space to dock the starfighter, two access ladders, overhead lights, an open top for easy access, and a small control room on one side with a computer, coffee mug and accessory clips.

There are four minifigures included: a pilot, a technician, a hanger security guard and a space pirate to wreak havoc in the hanger.

Also included are a ladder, a barrel, a cargo box with a precious gem, a fuelling tank and a maintenance droid.

I'd estimate the part count to be 400-500 pieces.

Thank you for checking out my project! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my project and please share it with others!

Special thanks to my friend yUSAF for editing the images!

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