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Wizard's Hut


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Wizard's Hut

I really like building fantasy-style buildings, so I built this Wizard's Hut MOC, which shows a hut on a floating island, with two towers, a side island and other details. If you want this idea to become a real LEGO set, please support my idea with the yellow support button above, thank you very much in advance, now let's see the details:

Physical Information:
Width: 30.1 cm
Length: 50.1 cm
Height: 35.7 cm
This model consists of about 3000 pieces, includes a wizard figure, and four animal figures, including two birds, a rat and a black cat figure.

There are some interesting building techniques:

Tree branches: I used Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw with rounded end (on a 6L bar), this allowed me to turn the modified plate 1 x 1 with Open O Clip Thick, after that, the leaves come on these tree branches.

Runner plant: plant, that consist of flowers and leaves, I used shears for the leaves.

More Information About The Model:

There is a hut and two towers on the main island, the hut consists of a connected room where there are bookshelves, on which, in addition to books, there are also various items related to magic, and there is also a dining table with a couple of chairs. Behind the hut there are two towers, one larger and one smaller, the lower part of which is true to the structure of both of them is made of stone, the tower level above is decorated with a wooden frame and a rose window. Plants run up both towers, the larger side even has a small half-roof that protects the boxes, barrels and objects stored underneath. In addition to the towers, the main island also has two trees, one with a bird's nest on top.

Apart from the main island, there is also a smaller island connected to the main island by a suspension bridge. There is a suspension bridge on this little floating island.

The lower part of the entire MOC is made up of a complete cloud, on which other smaller clouds can be discovered.

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