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This idea was inspired by one of my favorite books, "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien. It shows
Númerrámar, the first ship Aldarion sailed with from Númenor to Middle-earth in the Second Age. During

this journey, Aldarion explored the regions Lindon and Eriador. The name Númerrámar means "West-
wings" and the ship was said to have golden sails.

The ship has three decks in all. In the lower level there is a warehouse full of boxes and barrels visible
from the top and it has also two lines of oars, like the middle deck.
There are two ladders to reach the upper deck where you can find the rudder and a single mast with two
golden sails, resembling the wings of an eagle.
On the after deck, there is Aldarion’s cabin with a bed and many maps and papers.
To get from the middle deck to the bow, there is also a ladder that steps over an armory with swords,
spears, and halberds. The ship is equipped with two crossbows.
The figurehead consists of a soldier dominated by an eagle.
Four lamps at each corner of the ship illuminate the way for the sailors.
This set is made of 1260 pieces and contains 4 mini-figures: Aldarion, the Captain, Henderch, a mariner,
and 2 soldiers.

Hope you like it:)

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