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Christmas Advent Calendar


2.000! Thank you for your support! 🥰

Thank you very much for the first 2000 votes which I am very happy about. At the moment it looks a bit bumpy whether the final goal can be reached but it's never too late for a Christmas miracle! 🎅

If you would like to continue to support me and the project please share it with your friends.😊

Either way. Thank you very much! 👌❤️


Two new features and one big thank you

Christmas is coming up and I would like to start by thanking everyone of you for your support so far! Almost 2000 votes. That's almost 2000 votes more than I had before I posted the project. I like that. 😊

II have added two mini changes based on suggestions from comments. Firstly, I've added a 25th door to the roof because in many countries an advent calendar consists of 25 days and not just 24 as in Germany and other countries. So there's more space to hide another pony. 🐎The numbers can still be placed individually on all the doors and the 25th is optional.
I also put 2x2 Plates with Rounded Bottoms under the feet so that the calendar can be turned easily over any surface. I hope you like the little changes. Your feedback is still very welcome!

The 25th door in roof:

The smoother bottom:

Thanks again to everyone! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season! 🎅🥰

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