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Christmas Advent Calendar


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This Lego Ideas set is a Christmas calendar consisting of three levels that can be filled and customized each year. I built it because I love Christmas and Lego, and enjoy creating holiday-themed sets every year. I believe this set is special because of its uniqueness, reusability, and ability to be a standout piece among holiday decorations. As I built it, I included many small details and hidden surprises to be discovered and enjoyed. I'm excited to share this set with other Lego and Christmas enthusiasts, and hope it brings joy and festive spirit to their holiday season, just as it has for me.

Three levels of joy and details

As you can see, the calendar consists of three levels. Each level contains several boxes that can be filled with numbers from 1 to 24. I made the 24 to the very top to give it the special status.
I tried to create a rustic and cosy look. 
On the second level you can discover a fireplace and a gift, which are also fillable boxes. On the level above, the chimney also has a compartment to offer. The small Christmas house on the third level has two particularly large compartments.

There are 24 compartments in total, as I come from Germany and hadn't thought about the fact that in many countries there might be a 25th door. I hope you still like it and I would appreciate any comments, criticism and support.

Whoever reads this shortly before Christmas: Merry Christmas. :)

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