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Rugged Cargo Ship

     This model is the most rugged cargo ship of the galaxy! It started as an afternoon project, but after working on it for several days I decided that I would submit it to the Lego Ideas community to see what you thought of it! 

     What is great about this model is its unique landing position, intricate detail, and a two Minifig cockpit that can be accessed from above and below. The rear cargo hold has space for four pallets of cargo that include crates of all shapes and sizes (one pallet even has a cage with “space frogs” in it). :) The cargo can be accessed by removing the top/wing section and via the rear hatch. The landing gear feature powerful thrusters that double as landing/secondary forward thrusters. The four main thrusters are on the rear of the ship. Included Minifigures are a captain (with red stripes on legs) and a first mate.

     I would love to see my creation become a true Lego set, if you would as well please consider supporting! 

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