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LOTR - Minas Morgul (updated!)


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Once it was called Minas Ithil. (Tower of the Moon)
"Sauron has yet to reveal his deadliest servant…
The one who will lead Mordor's armies in war.
The one they say no living man can kill.
The Witch King of Angmar".
He is the lord of the Nazgûl…
The greatest of the Nine.
Minas Morgul is his Lair." (said Gandalf)

This mighty fortress includes more than 1.700 bricks.
The inner part of the fortress can be separated.
The green transparent bricks on the wall, will glow in the dark.

- the Witch-king of Angmar (and 1 Fell-beast)
- Gothmog the Lieutenant of Minas Morgul
- 5 Morgul-orcs (one could be a banner carrier with the white skull on black ground-banner)

Special thanks to Wipeoutzone, he did the randering.

I made a new bridge and all the rocks under Minas Morgul.
Now there are 2937 pieces.

On top in the maintower are some poisons and magic potions (what is what??) ;-)
and of course a throne again ;-)
unter there is a wappon rack with a sword, a helmet and a mace.
and including even a weapon racks with 4 swords.

I add 2 stairs to the maingate.
The tower has a new base with a stair.

I made it with dowel connection. You can remove the bridge and put the ramp at the gate.

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