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350 Ton Crawler Crane

Ever wanted a minifigure scaled Crawler crane for your city, now you can.

This crawler crane has been scaled to match your city with a lattice style boom, lattice luffing jig and a Derrick system for your counterweight.
Basically, a large boom which stands at oner 1 meter tall in its current configuration and only made from 1000 pieces..

All the booms are manually adjustable with two separate winches and a third for the hoist. the movement has lots of control with a self-locking system on the winches, so it doesn't collapse on you.
It can easily pick the included container in multiple different positions showing its true abilities and lifting capacity.

if you are worried about getting it in and out of your city, don't worry it comes apart like the really cranes and fits on to a 6 wide truck.

This is not just a display piece, it has been designed to be played with and is very stable.

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