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Scottish Lodge


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It's an old, Scottish house with a lonely owner, so he decided to turn his house into a lodge and let people sleep in there on their trip through the north of Scotland. Here you can see his finished project with his first guests.

I wanted to add the bagpipe and kilt from the minifigure series 7, as well as two huskies, but these weren't available in bricklink studio.

The idea came on a trip to Scotland, in which we slept in a lodge like this. I thought that it would be completely different to the LEGO City or modular buildings, because there is always so much action.

I wanted to create a calm idyll to contrast this action around LEGO, just like the treehouse did. I think with the colours and the unspectacular building it suits that goal.

Here are some new images with more detailed views of the build.
And we have a new guest in our lodge!
It`s the old man`s sister, who looks a bit like Misako from the Ninjago theme. She visits him every month. She really cares about her brother and so sometimes it happens, that she takes over the lodge pretty quickly.

But the old man likes the new energy she brings into the house! You remember, the lonelyness was his reason to open the lodge. He also offers safari tours through the Highlands for his customers, he really takes care about his environment and loves to show, why we have to keep it!

His new guests are very interested in nature and animals, but they don`t see this quiet often, as they`re living and working in London. So from time to time, they do trips to places far away from any city to see an unknown side of their country.

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