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Erie Lackawanna Display Set


The Real Thing

First of all, my laptop is fixed. It's been fixed since October 5th. The reason for my delay in posting projects is because I've been working on them one at a time. Right now, I am in the works of building a pre-war style Lionel 254E train set.

This creation has recieved 58 supporters in about a week. Thank you all! Here is what the RS-3 Locomotive looks like in real life:

The Caboose was also inspired by a real one. However, the model train car below also shaped the caboose:

These images were not taken by me. Please do not give me the credit for taking these pictures. Thank you all for your support, and enjoy your day! By cheesy. 10/12/2017


What's Up, (PC) Doc?

There's something wrong with my PC, so I need to take it to my PC Doctor. It's not a virus, but there's something wrong with the wire that's inside one of the hinges for the screen. The problem might take a while to fix, but I'll find out later when my Father and I go to the PC Doctor to check out the problem. My PC is where I do all of my Lego Ideas projects, so when my laptop is gone, things will delay. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 10/4/2017