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Erie Lackawanna Display Set


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It tooks me a week to build this project on my Lego Digital Designer. And now, it is here!

The inspiration of this project came from the Lionel O-gauge train sets. In specific detail, the inspiration came from the Santa fe Scout train set, which I wanted to get for a while. (I couldn't find it in the Lionel store, so I got the next best thing: The Peanuts Halloween train!)

When I completed the RS-3 Diesel Locomotive, I was very satisfired with it. But yet, I felt something was missing. That's where the Caboose fills in the gaps of emptyness.

Of course, in order to make this project even better, I built a stand for the RS-3 Locomotive and the Caboose to sit upon. A slight gap goes in between the Caboose and the RS-3 Locomotive couples, but it does not make too much of a difference.

This project is 1674 pieces. It tops the amount of pieces of my very first project, the Red Comet. This set includes an Erie Lackawana RS-3 Diesel Locomotive, an Erie Lackawanna Caboose, and a display stand.

Inside the Caboose are two benches on each wall, a table that stands on one of the benches, a restroom, some sort of countertop with drawers, and some sort of fireplace. The coupla on top (the part with eight windows) does not have any interior.

Inside of the RS-3 Locomotive cab are two seats, a throttle of some sort, a radar that represents a pressure gauge, and of course, a cup of coffee to wake the engineers up. (Who will get to it first?) The best feature about this locomotive is that it has Power Functions compatibility. So not only is a nice display item, but it is also a great thing to play with.

I hope you liked my project! Please comment on this project and tell me what you think about it. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 10/3/2017

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