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Flower Clock


This project is inspired by the flower clock, located at the foot of Cerro Castillo, in front of the spa of Caleta Abarca in the city of Viña del mar Chile and it’s made of 2146 pieces of different colors.

This monument of said region is an turistic icon and patrimony of the city, for it’s floral species.

The flower clock it has become in one of the most visited tourist sites for the tourist and according to the inhabitants of the region, those who will be photographed with him behind his back will come back to visit Viña del mar

This model would be  a great set for legos because there are another important cities with flower clocks similar to Viña del mar, like Bologna, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; San juan, Argentina; Caracas, Venezuela; Asuncion, Paraguay; Melbourne, Australia; Monrovia, Sudafrica among others. When designed this monuments based on lego, would represent each icon city that it has this monuments, and the people would recreate this model on his way with a large number of parts and colors.