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Spaceship Earth - Epcot, Walt Disney World



Detailed pictures of the support structure, legs and gears.



Read our story in Blocks Magazine!

Check out the March issue of Blocks Magazine for our article about the design of LEGO Spaceship Earth.


Strong Foundation

I have had several requests for more detailed pictures of the legs and connecting framework.  It may appear to be fragile, but it is actually pretty sturdy and easy to move around by holding from the top and bottom of the sphere.
Attached is a picture of the legs and connecting structure holding a 10 lb (4.5 kg) clay brick!  NO kragle!


Custom exterior tile element!

A couple supporters mentioned the possibility of a tile on the exterior sphere.  The LEGO road sign triangles come close but the Spaceship Earth triangle tiles are very unique and need to reflect the light a certain way.  I created these custom tile elements using clear acrylic on a Glowforge laser printer and shaped them to snap into place on the outer structure.  One side of the model is as it looks from the outside of the geodesic sphere and the other side shows the rotating scenes inside.  Please note this is a custom element that is not part of the project proposal, but is of an inspirational nature to see what can potentially be done with this project.

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