Product Idea

Spaceship Earth - Epcot, Walt Disney World

"Welcome aboard Spaceship Earth. Journey with us now to the dawn of recorded time as we explore the amazing story of human communication."  I believe this could be a challenging and educationally rewarding build as you construct the history of communication in scenes spiraling to the top of a real geodesic sphere.

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Includes the history of communication in scenes from the attraction...

  • Loading area
  • Cave drawings
  • Young Egyptian pounding reeds flat / papyrus
  • Phoenician trade and communication – boat scene
  • Burning and destruction of the Library of Alexandria
  • Jewish & Islamic scholars preserving recorded information
  • Sleeping Monk
  • Gutenberg and the first movable-type printing press
  • Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 
  • Telephone switchboard
  • Mainframe computer
  • Building home computers in a garage
  • Earth


  • History of communication scenes rotate inside the geodesic sphere.
  • Hand crank can be easily removed and can also be replaced with a medium Power Fuctions motor.
  • Class 2 geodesic sphere, just like the real thing!
  • Made up of hexagons and pentagons, the exterior could easily be built flat with 1:1 scale drawing/instructions and then connected into a sphere.
  • Model is free standing and very solid on it's three prototypical legs.

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Russ Cole